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We are the #1 Athlete Meditation App on the market. Every day we empower thousands of athletes and coaches in over 50 countries with a unique competitive advantage in their respective sports through active and guided meditations within our app.

Meet the Team

Ryan Stock – Mindsport Founder, Author

Ryan Stock is the founder of MindSport, author of Buddha Was A Baller, and a former NCAA college basketball player and college basketball coach of over 15 years. His experiences as a coach and player led him to start the athlete meditation app, MindSport, which in turn led to the writing of the book Buddha Was A Baller.

It was the difficult times in particular that led to Stock wanting to help athletes and coaches to live healthier, more successful and fulfilling lives. Stock himself experienced struggles with anxiety, frustration, dealing with difficult times, and in remaining present in his life as an athlete and coach before finally resigning from athletics and starting the journey that led him to find mindfulness and meditation. Meditation is the practice that Stock now utilizes daily in his life while showing other athletes and coaches how to implement practice in their lives.

Aside from writing and developing the content and recording sessions for the MindSport app, Stock also works one on one with college and professional athletes and organizations as an athlete meditation mentor.

Stock most recently completed his Yoga Teacher Training through Jonny Kest in 2019 and now teaches athlete meditation and Yoga to elite level NCAA universities and professional athletic organizations all across the country.

Notable Credential

  • Master of Science – Pittsburg State University, Human, Health, Performance, and Recreation
  • Certified DISC Consultant – Athlete Assessments 2016
  • John Maxwell Team – 2016
  • Intensive Practice Program – UCLA MARC 2018
  • Yoga Teach Training – Jonny Kest 2019

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”
– Carl Jung

Sue Park – Yoga Teacher

Sue is an amazing leader and a provider of athlete wellness education, trainer of athlete Yoga, Thai Yoga therapy, Yoga Therapeutics, athlete meditation, and overall athlete mindset for over 20 years. She’s worked with professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, and MLB in an individual and team capacity and loves to make a difference for the individual athlete and team, both.

As a former athlete and martial artist, Sue understands the need for self-care and a healthy mind/body/spirit/emotional connection in an athlete’s life for greater focus, performance, and overall well-being.

Sue continually works to support elite level amateur athletes, college level athletes, and professional level teams and organizations to build internal power and mental steadiness through education, breath work, and athlete meditation and mindfulness in and around the MindSport app.

Her mission is to align athletes so they will discover their best version of themselves so they may live a more purposeful, happy and healthy life. Sue has four athlete children who all benefit from practicing Yoga and meditation… it’s contagious!

The Mindsport Yoga Workshop

Ryan Stock and Sue Park have now established an Athlete Yoga and Meditation component outside of the MindSport app that they take across the country with them to elite level sports teams, universities, and professional level sports organizations.

They deliver incredibly impactful on-site or virtual workshops for your coaching staff, team, or athletic organization that we guarantee will transform your team mentally, physically, and emotionally in ways you never thought possible. For more information on how to book them for your university or professional sports organization please feel free to reach out at any time to us here at MindSport for pricing and availability. Our email address is info@mymindsport.com.