Buddha Was a Baller eBook

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Buddha Was a Baller: How to Awaken the Athlete Inside is a collection of analysis’ of the greatest athletes of our time tied into the teachings of Buddha.



Written by Kansas City native Ryan Stock, he uses his experience as a meditation yogi, basketball player and coach to help readers understand Buddha’s mantra’s and teachings in an effort to achieve the ideal spiritual journey. Throughout reading the book, audiences will come to understand how Buddha would have been the ultimate baller. He was patient, mindful, and strategic—all the things that can enhance an athlete’s playing ability and experience. This book details how training and mastering your mind can lead to victory on and off the court. Buddha was not agile, chiseled, or swift in movement with the ball, but the things he did possess would have allowed him to positively influence and add value to the performance of greats such as Michael Jordan or Lebron James. Stock does a great job tying Buddhist principles to athletic icons of our modern times.

While athleticism is typically viewed primarily as physical, Stock helps readers understand that more often, it is mental strength that allows athletes to achieve greatness. As you read Buddha Was a Baller, think about using these strategies on and off of the court for an enhanced and more peaceful mental experience on your life journey whether you are an athlete or not.


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